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Do you have an old EMERSON/PRYNE fan?

Looked everywhere for a motor or grille?

We have 
EMERSON/PRYNE replacement motors!!
Since EMERSON/PRYNE went out of business 25+ years ago, we have been researching, testing, and trying many different motors to come up with the best substitution for the originals. 

There are some of EMERSON/PRYNE fans that unfortunately don't have a substitute and will need to be replaced with a brand new unit, requiring the can be removed and probably some drywall work to be done.

In order for us to make sure you get the proper replacement motor, we will need you to get us some basic information.

      Number on the motor or model number of the actual fan.
      Diameter of your blade or wheel.
      Direction of your motor.

 Where are the numbers we need?

As illustrated in the photo below, there is usually a tag with the information we need.


The model number will usually start with the letter "F", the important numbers for us are after the "--" in this example it is --750.  It also helps if we know the R.P.M.  If there is no label on the motor, try looking in the housing for a sticker that may have the model on it.  (V221, V223 etc).  If on the chance there is nothing on the motor, and nothing in the housing, the best way for us to identify it is with a few photos.  Make sure to take them of the wheel/blade attached to the motor, and the bracket.

When getting a replacement motor, it is important to check your existing wheel or fan blade to make sure that is balanced and clean.  There will probably be a lot of lint or grease that has built up and it will make your wheel/blade off balance.
How can you tell if it is balanced?

Simply give your wheel/blade a spin and check to see if it is "wobbly".  If it seems warped, you will need to get a new one.  Putting an unbalanced wheel or blade on a new motor will cause a motor to wear down more quickly, needing replacement sooner.

Can't seem to get your blade off the motor?

Most likely you are looking at a brass hub that is holding
the blade onto the motor.  This can be difficult to remove, but we have some pointers. (see photos)

Unscrew the top piece holding down the blade.  You may need pliers and a helping hand to hold the blade in place. 
Remove small set screw with an allen wrench. 

In order to get the rest of the hub off, you may need two straight slot screwdrivers, and someway to keep the motor securely in place.  Very slowly and carefully, use the screwdrivers to pry off the hub.

Some of the replacement motors, we can use for several different fans, so there is a small modification that needs to be done which is illustrated below.  You will be using only one set of mounting screws, so just snip off the ones that are not needed and you're all set.


We will try our best to assist you in getting a replacement motor for your fan; however, there are some that we just can't substitute and in that case, it is time to get a new fan. 

There are still some of the original Emerson/Pryne grilles available but it is important to save center knob as they are no longer available anywhere...ever.  If using in the kitchen we highly recommend a filter behind the grille.  It keeps grease away from the motor helping to extend the life of your new motor.


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